Marseille Season 2

A serious and qualitative series has been recently presented on Netflix TV channel. In the show Marseille, a typical French story, a high quality cast and carefully thought-out plot, the events develop in such a way that from episode to episode it is difficult to predict what will be the next author’s idea and how exactly the situations will unfold. But if many TV series come to an end and disappear without a trace after the first season, the audience of this project can be assured: Marseille season 2 is renewed — release date to be announced. The next new episode will return very soon, and its coming is rather predictable, as the previous season premiere was accepted with pleasure by a great number of viewers. When all the creators and producers come to the same conclusion regarding the terms of continuation, the second season release date will be announced in the nearest future.

Production Crew

Original release of this political drama took place on May 5, 2016, and this part of Marseille consisted of eight episodes. There is still no data concerning the number of parts of the future season, but it’s likely that there wouldn’t be less than eight series.
Marseille Season 2 date release

The creator and the author of the idea is Dan Franck, a French writer. The directors of the first season are Florent-Emilio Siri and Thomas Gilou.

The company distributing the show on TV and working on its next season start is Federation Entertainment; the channel which is going to present the second season air date is Netflix, an American TV network.

About the Series

The main actors of the project performing their vivid characters are the following ones:

  • Gйrard Depardieu, the brilliant French actor;
  • Benoоt Magimel, one more interesting actor from France;
  • Nadia Farès;
  • Géraldine Pailhas;
  • Stephane Caillard and others.

Marseille Season 2

The story of the series tells the story of the mayor of Marseilles named Robert Taro, who has been at his post for more than 20 years. After such a long timeworking at this post he faces a political conflict with his former colleague. Despite the fact that both of them are members of the same political party, among them there are serious differences, and the audience will personally make sure that the conflicts at the national level – it is a very serious problem and can lead to very unpleasant consequences.
Marseille Season 2

When new season two will debut, the number of the viewers will definitely be larger than before, as during these 8 episodes the show has gained audience’s love and become one of the most long-awaited premieres.

Indisputable Continuation and Current Rating

On a world famous and respected website IMDB the program has a rating of 6.9/10. This is an average figure, but the series anyway has its fans that are eager to watch the continuation. Stay tuned not to forget about the project runway and to receive all the data concerning the future episodes and their schedule.

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