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Marseille, season 2 was officially renewed by Netflix. Will "Marseille 2" happen? The season premiere date is pending. Read the announcement for the updates and changes. Stream channel Netflix presents season 2 of the French dramatic serial “Marcel” with Gerard Depardieu in leading role whether the second season show will be removed of it?


Marseille 2 is an upcoming television drama based on the Netflix series. The French television series "Marseille, the 2nd season" is a renewed of series Marseille with Gerard Depardieu in a leading role. In a new series, you will meet the known heroes.  Wait season release date soon.

Actors and cast

They are certainly political heroes of our time.  Depardieu stars as a mayor of a big town of Marseille a lot of time. His days are end and he waits when a new young mayor Lucas Barres (Magimel) will come and hold the position. Both heroes have also more different – views and perspectives of city. Each of the opponents is ready to make all to destroy other.


The outcome of Season one, which is a French television series with eight episodes on Netflix was held to be most satisfactory. The season air date was 12th of May, 2016.

There are political events on dislike people betraying each other. There is also what Marcia is doing the newest slums and people in the slums were affected with Marcia and the campaigns and smoke connected to have a scene. There is more than one main character in the show compared to house of cards.

It has more economical things and more like scandals. It is more it somehow a few let’s be more complex. But it also more drama show. It shows you more the cutters are believable dining house of cards if you like these are realistic people with the sections people would desires. There is much more into that.


A lot of people really like the show and they do not know why did have received like a really bad reception. One strange thing it is opening song. It is some type of a Muslim Arab song. And it did not bring anything to the context.  Probably it because the city is very Muslim populated. Maybe this is done there to please the Muslim artisans in Paris. But it feels very critical.

Background story

As background story very beautiful film show. It really like the city based on love looks. They have the psychic transfusion on science. They have the picture of a city like screen capture type of our view of the city.  It stars the band is coming.  It is not looks like inception thing but it looks like a picture like stretches out that is kind of cool.  There are small thinks that just making like show more iconic like you.  The Dayton thing that is iconic that is building a brand.

Let’s wait new episode with more politics discos  kind of economics of things power, sex and how people are pressed in the city and their problems. Depending if you are like into political drama these might be the things for you.

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MARSEILLE Season 1 TRAILER (2016) Netflix Political Drama Series

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