Marry to the West. Episode 2.1 Release Date

Marry to the West. Episode 2.1 Release Date


People, who like films and serials about love and complications in relationships will like it. “Marry to the West” is a great example of what are the stages in every relationship. Besides, first season is rather good, so why don’t you look the second? That wouldn’t be a wasted time, because it is rather easy to see the serial episode by episode.


It is hard to explain the cast for serial “Marry to the West”. But here we must name Paul Philip Clark, who plays the role of Jason. Pay attention to those, that he has a great actor experience, so you will see the film with pleasure. The other actors will be a surprise, made specially for you.

The writer and producer is also a mystery. All, that we can say – they are not so popular, but very talented.


Every couple has its own history. This is rather interesting and unusual. Two people from different countries live separate for millions kilometers and they even couldn’t imagine, that the destiny will help them to meet and fall in love.

Some moments of the story are rather romantic, so the girls will cry. But that will make it unforgettable for a long time. The end of the story “Marry to the West” can`t be forecasted, but we hope, that it will be good and the couple will live happily together for a long time.


Do you like to show your feelings? Have you ever imagined the life without your second couple? If you like the genre of drama with big amount of romance, that will be a good idea for you to watch the film. Also, if you have some problems with your love, you must watch this film, because it will teach you to love the person, who wanted to be near you all the time.

The events take place in China, in the city of love and romance. The release date of new season “Marry to the West” is the year of 2016, so you can enjoy the most beautiful serial episode by episode.

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