Married by Mom and Dad Season 2

Married by Mom and Dad Season 2 Release Date


Married by Mom and Dad is a very Interesting TV reality with show elements. The premiere of this serial was in December in the year of 2015, but now we have a wish to present you the second season premiere, which is also very Interesting and exciting. The Married by Mom and Dad 2 Season release date is the 6th of November in the year of 2016.


We want to underline, that in such serial you wouldn’t see a great cast of talented Actors. Here appears the only one Main character, who will amaze you with the different stories and professional skills. Her name is Emily and you will like her from the beginning of the serial.

The producers of the serial are Christopher Ravelles, Katie Mohs, Adam Reed, Ally Hawksley, Kevin Chagnon, Ryan Corral, Brook Ellis, Leslie Greif, Natalie Hecht, Adam Freeman, Tim Laurie, Jennifer Mullen, Krissy Freeman, Wendi Wan, Brian Dale. The cinematographer is Daniel Richards. Among the editors, we must mention Terry Walters, Nick Tabri, Sam Goldstein, Ron Eigen, Kevin Smets, Lori Szybist.


Its a reality show will present you the real life aspects. Here you will see the things, which are not shown on TV. The Main attention is paid to the institute of marriage, in which people have great opportunities to follow their dreams.

Woman and man – here is the two personalities, which can`t live without each other. This social experiment will help the show contestants to find the love of their lives and to understand, what a real happiness means.

In our lives, parents wanted to find the most beautiful and suitable couple for a man or a woman. So, we can combine this show with a wish of the closest people in our lives.


If you are single, you must watch this show and the new season immediately. Here you will see a lot of people, who don’t give up and ready to become happy as soon as possible. Each new episode will amaze you, so now we can say, that you have a great opportunity to spend the free time with pleasure.

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Married by Mom and Dad Season 2 1
Married by Mom and Dad Season 2 2

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Married by Mom and Dad Season 1 Episode 2

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