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Marco Polo is a drama TV series created and released in the USA. The creators of the project were inspired by early years of Marco Polo in Kublai Khan Court. The action of the series is set in the Mongol Empire of the 13th-14th centuries. Netflix channel released the premiere episode in winter of 2014. The author of the original script and the creator of the series is John Fusco. The cast includes Lorenzo Richelmy playing the role of the main character and Benedict Wong portraying Kublai Khan. The production issues are carried out by The Weinstein Company. The second season premiered on the 1st of July 2016.


Each new episode of the series demonstrate the world filled with greed, lust, betrayal and rivalry. Marco Polo series bases on a story of a famous traveler and explorer in Mongolia of the 13th century. What will he get on these brutal lands?
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  • Lorenzo Richelmy portrays the main character named Marco Polo. He’s travelling to China together with his dad and his uncle. When travelling through Mongolia he gets acquainted to Khan becoming his guest. He slowly becomes an important person in the court.
  • Benedict Wong portrays the Great Khan ruling the Mongol Empire.
  • Joan Chen portrays the Yuan Dynasty empress named Chabi. Wife of Khongirad Khan’s advisor.
  • Pierfrancesco Favino portrays the father of the main character.
  • Marco Polo Season 3

  • Rick Yune portrays a rival of Khan named Kaidu. He’s also his cousin.
  • Amr Waked portrays a chancellor named Yusuf.
  • Remy Hii portrays the son of Khan named Prince Jingim. He’s the only heir.
  • Zhu Zhu portrays a servant named Nergui but disguising herself as Kokachin. Gets married to Jingim in the course of the series.
  • Tom Wu portrays a blind monk named Hundred Eyes.
  • Mahesh Jadu portrays the adopted son of Khan named Ahmad. He’s also the Minister of Finance.
  • Olivia Cheng portrays a talented artist named Mei Lin.
  • Marco Polo Season 3

  • Uli Latukefu portrays Mongol horde’s powerful general named Byamba.
  • Chin Han portrays a brother of Mei Lin named Jia Sidao.
  • Ron Yuan portrays a prince belonging to a noble royal family named Nayan. Feels split between his khan and faith.
  • Claudia Kim portrays niece of the Khan named Khutulun. A perfect warrior.
  • Jacqueline Chan portrays mother of Kaidu named Shakana.

Third Season Release Date

The fate of the series is yet to be decided. The third season air date of 2017 is unknown and the series hasn’t been scheduled yet.

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