Marco Polo. Season 3


Marco Polo is a historical serial, which will tell you the story about Venezia buyer by the name of Marco Polo. It started in 2014 and nowadays such serial is rather popular. This year you can enjoy the new third season, which is rather interesting and full of unexpected moments.


Here you can see the brilliant work of such actors, as:

  • Lorenzo Rickey as Marco Polo.
  • Benedict Vang as Hubley-han
  • Joan Chan as Dhabi.
  • Rick June as Haidu.
  • Amr Waked as Yusuf.
  • Remi Hiu as Prince Chin Kim.
  • Olivia Chang in the role of May Lyn.
  • Ron Yan as Prince Nayan.
  • Claudia Kim as Chulan.
  • Chris Pang in the role of Arban.
  • Michael Yeo as Lotos.

Pay attention, that it is not the full list. Such actors appear in the serial very often.

The composers are Peter Nachel and Eric Ketchikan. The producers are Richard Chai and Colin Crayton. The director of the serial is Daniel Minahan.


The events of the third season took place in the year of 1273. Here you can see young Marco Polo with his father, who were the slaves of Hubley-han. Marco`s father proposes him to give his son because he wanted to have an allowance to be a buyer in the Silk Way. He agreed and Marco was taught local culture and traditions. He was so close to the Hubley, that it caused political problems. In the third season you can see, how difficult situation it was and what did they do to solve it.


The events take place in Malaysia. That serial will show you amazing plot and a lot of talented actors from the USA. The Marco Polo season 3 release date was the second July this year. So, now you can enjoy it at all.

People of different ages appreciate that serial. But, if your aim is to understand the whole conception of the plot, just begin from the first season. The duration of one episode is not so big, so you will enjoy it almost.

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