Man Down Season 3

As a new portion of British scripted project, the third cycle of the comedy under the title “Man Down” is about to be launched later this year. As tradition requires it, the release should be started in autumn. Stay tuned in order to be notified timely.

Making a short sketch

Starting to describe the newbie project on the British television referred to as “Man Down”, what we should mention at first is that it is of comedy genre with all English humor features.
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The broadcast of the TV project is held on Channel 4. The creative team in both directorial and screenwriting aspects is spearheaded by Greg Davies who is performing there also a leading role. The rest of the acting cast includes such names as Roisin Conaty, Mike Wozniak, Rik Mayall, Deirdre Mullins, Stephanie Cole, Gwyneth Powell, Jeany Spark, Sian Brooke, and some others.
The executives here are James Taylor, Richard Allen-Turner, Jon Thoday and Toby Stevens. The production studio is Avalon Television.
The premiere of the first season was held in October 2013 while the second opening was set in the previous June. Thus a long hiatus was taken but the project has managed to survive and now is delivering healthy rating numbers.

Concerning the concrete events in the comedy

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As we have said earlier, Greg Davies is here the performer of the main part of Dan, a childish idiot trapped in an adult’s life. He turns to be assisted by his uniquely dysfunctional best friends named Jo and Brian.
He is unable to accomplish the simplest tasks life is offering to him. So this is the object for mocking here.

As for the hiatus between the first and the second seasons

The reason for that was Rik Mayall’s death that drew up with him all of a sudden, as he was intended to reprise his role in the second season. Thus, the developers were in the need of a new actor, unfortunately. The announcement was then made that Man Down would return for a Christmas special on December 23, 2014, followed by series 2 premiere on 1 June 2015.

When can we expect the appearance of the third chapter?

Man Down Season 3 Cast
Thank God, everyone in the acting cast is sound and healthy and this can be the reason to start shooting the third seasons of the successful comedy. What is that level of success, you can ask? The ratings are high indeed evaluated at 1.5 million people per episode, which is more than average for such a channel.
The renewal was confirmed by the producers yet in the previous October. The Man Down season 3 release date remains so far unknown, regretfully. Nevertheless, some other details have been exposed for us. One of them is that the third installment will include 6 half-hour episodes which are scheduled to be broadcasted later in 2016.
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