Man With a Plan Season 2

Man With a Plan Season 2 Release Date


Man With a Plan is a TV situation comedy, which was created in America. The season premiere was on this year, so now you can see the second season with all its unforgettable moments. The Man With a Plan 2 Season release date is the 17th of November in the year of 2016.


Here in this serial, you will see a lot of Actors. But we don’t want to present you the recurrent characters, so the Main cast includes:

  • Matt LeBlanc.
  • Liza Snyder.
  • Diana Maria Riva.
  • Matt Cook.
  • Jessica Chaffin.
  • Grace Kaufman.
  • Matthew McCann.

The directors are James Burrows and Pamela Fryman. The producers are Missy Alexander, Jeff Filgo, Matt LeBlanc, Troy Zien, Mark Gross, Tommy Herschlag, Gregg Mettler, Tim Kaiser.


Here in the Main role, you will see the father by the name of Adam Burns. He is the head of the family and he is sitting home, trying to control everybody and everything. Earlier Adam has a wife by the name Andi, but in one day she decided just to leave him with three children.

We must say, that it was a real shock for him because the kids are very different and it is quite hard to manage each of them. But when the time was gone and Adam realized, that he wouldn’t have any help, he decided just to relax, take it easy and enjoy his family.

Father is the person, who must have good character and great relationships with kids. So, this hero of the serial will amaze you by brilliant play and despite all the problems and misunderstandings, children love him very much.

In the new episodes, you will see a lot of funny moments and it is rather Interesting to see, how Adam do all his work and help his lovely children. Each day they have the new difficulties, but together they will win it and everything will be okay.


If you wanted to know the running time of such serial, we must say, that it is 22 minutes. But that is not so big amount of time, so you can be sure, that you wouldn’t have any problems in finding a suitable free time to watch such an unbelievable situation comedy and each new episode.

When you need the season air date, this article will help you. So just watch and enjoy it at all. 

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