Make it Pop Season 3

The fresh musical series in the genre of a comedy which has a title “Make it Pop” is waiting now for the decision that the developers of the project are to make. Taking into consideration that the popularity of the project is growing continually, we can conclude that there is no their choice for the creators but to resume the serial.

Brief review

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Make it Pop makes for a sitcom for children by Canadian production. The series is musically directed. The home channel for the serial is reckoned to be Nickelodeon. The opening of the pioneer season was held practically a year ago if to be more concrete at the end of March 2015. The sophomore season debuted at the beginning of this year following the special showing in December in the preceding year.
The inspiration source is considered to be K-Pop the project shot in the telenovela style. As for the creative team, it is led by Nick Cannon and Thomas W. Lynch. The executive crew is composed of such big names as Nick Cannon, Thomas W. Lynch, Steven DeNure and Anne Loi. The leading acting cast includes such actresses as Megan Lee, Louriza Tronco, and Erika Tham. Their best friend named in the serial as DJ Caleb Davis is performed by Dale Whibley.

Plot summary

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The principal heroines of the story turn to be three teenage ladies who are the members of the boarding school. The story enlarges in fact on their regular life. Every day they face some issues they need to solve. So let’s name these girls. The first one is Sun-Hi Song; she is hilarious and independent person wishing to become a star. Jodi Mappa is reckoned to be a girl with free spirit as well as Sun-Hi Song. The third one girl named Corki Chang is a glutton of books.
DJ Caleb Davis makes for the best friend for the girls who helps them on their way to the musical stardom.

How was the serial perceived by the audience?

The reviews from critics as well as from common viewers of the serial are in fact very diverse. Some of them are negative. According to them, the series is bashed for being racist. If to believe the opposite opinions, the story is depicted with much quality due to the brilliant performance with which the acting cast has provided us. The ratings on various websites are quite average, as for example, on IMDb, it is appreciated in 6 points from 10. The steady progressing of the given show makes us conclude that the serial is worth being continued for the following several chapters.

Renewal perspectives

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There is a strong probability that the serial will return on our screens taking into consideration the inspiring level of popularity. At least, we should note that there are no so many familiar projects on our television. And this can be the reason to keep them produced but not to cancel them.
So far we have no data about the Make it Pop season 3 release date as well as about the possibility of resumption. So we must keep abreast of the situation in order to obtain any kind of important information coming from the official resources timely.


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