Major Crimes Season 6

The sixth installment of drama is yet to be confirmed. The ratings are showing that a good level is retained and even step by step increased and that is a strong reason to renew the criminal story on TNT.  Keep your ears out for any kind of info following our service.

General Info of the Criminal Drama

We are conceived of the necessity to present some main aspects of the whole project. On following this goal, let’s give it a start.
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The series creation is behind James Duff with Mary McDonnell playing the main part. This series is another story that hails from The Closer, a drama broadcasted on the TNT channel as this one. Its cancellation was announced in 2012. In such a way a green light was given to spinoffs. Major Crimes latest season has debuted on TNT on June 13, 2016.

Following the Storyline

Sharon Raydor has been chosen the perform the duties of the leader of the Major Crimes Division of the LAPD. First of all, she needs to deserve the respect of her colleagues. Keeping a watchful eye on what her subordinates are doing, she builds cases that cannot get thrown out of court.
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The cases for investigation are various. In the latest season, we follow the high-profile unit of the LAPD as its members are exploring a seemingly ISIS-inspired beheading, are searching for the murderer of a possibly corrupt cop, as well as are looking for a missing teenager who has disappeared while volunteering. These and a lot of other cases cannot be deprived of the attention of the main heroes, as they are eager to bring justice to the City of Angels.
Much attention is given to the personal life of the characters. Sharon keeps trying to push her child through college, as well as balancing between her work and a sweet romance with Andy Flynn.
Meanwhile, Julio decides to adopt a child and Ann is to choose between career and family. Mike Tao receives an award for consulting on a Hollywood production and Buzz embarks on an investigation of his father and uncle’s murder.

How was the Story Received?

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The criminal drama is well received, we should say. Practically all the reviewers are united in considering it a sharply written story with a brilliant performance, as well as with stellar dialogues.
The series has been broadcasted in the variety of countries and is popular in all of them. In order not to beat around the bush, let’s name some precise figures. Well, the fourth installment had garnered about 3.5 million watchers in front of TV sets while the average number in the latest episode constituted 3.7 million people. This means specifically that the series is getting traction and that we should wait for the series renewal. It should be around the corner, as well as the Major Crimes Season 6 release date.
The amount of episodes is expected to be twenty, as in the case of the fifth season. Keep your ears out for any kind of info following our service.


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