Made in Chelsea Season 12

Produced by Monkey Kingdom and released by E4 network. The title is often abbreviated as MIC. That’s one of the multiple award winning series created in the UK. Made in Chelsea is even more than simple TV series. That’s a reality project following the lives of young people from the western part of London. It depicts their travels to different places like Dubai, New York City and Los Angeles. The project consists of 11 seasons plus 3 spin-off projects with 129 episodes in total.

The Format

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The reality project follows life events of 20-year-old gang of youngsters from the western part of London. They experience good time and heartbreaks, they build their relationships, pass through professional and personal hardships. The project is produced by Kelly Lynn, Sarah Dillistone and David Granger. The filming is mostly done in Chelsea.


The show got multiple mixed reviews from the critics and the viewers. The participants make the show truly addictive; however, some of the critics think it to be pointless. The first season of the show received more than half a million viewers with a mass of positive reviews.
The second season turned out to be appealing for younger audience. Season 2 of Made in Chelsea became a real hit in Twitter.
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The third season broke the records gaining almost a million of new viewers. It turned out to be one of the most viewed seasons in general.
The fifth and the sixth seasons got stable ratings and after the seventh season, Made in Chelsea received its BAFTA reward. It happened on the 12th of May 2013. The ratings managed to stay stable until the 11th season of the show.

Audience Negative Feedback

Most of the audience call the show a waste of time. They are probably interesting people in some points, but mostly egoistic and sometimes empty-headed. Some of the viewers thought the show to be immoral and senseless.

The Game

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An app was created and sponsored by Channel 4 in the end of 2013 for Android and iOS devices. The user will play story lines of different characters, rise up social levels and party with the cast, communicate with Mark Francis and Victoria and create your personal clothing style.

Release Date Info

The viewership of Made in Chelsea is stable and E4 is very likely to prolong it for season 12. The show gathered about a million viewers and has never lost its popularity. Let’s hope for the continuation in 2017. Don’t forget to check the latest news about the renewal if you don’t want to miss the premiere episodes.


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