Luke Cage 2 Season Release Date

Luke Cage 2 season release date

Luke Cage 2 season release date was confirmed by Netflix. Read the news about the TV show below.

Netflix will continue the sci-fi series Luke Cage from the studio Marvel, with the participation of ABC Studios. We should wait for Luke Cage 2 season premiere next year.
The first season will contain 13 episodes, in the second season, there will be 14 episodes.
The project is a continuation of the already implemented by Marvel and Netflix franchises Jessica Jones and Daredevil.  The main role of Luke Cage will be played by the actor Mike Kotler known for his supporting role in Men in Black 3. In the project is the very good cast of Simon Cook, Darius Caleb and Frankie Faison.

The Plot:

The protagonist is a former member of a large criminal organization, is serving his sentence in an American prison of strict regime. We are going to cooperate with the authorities Luc offers to take part in some kind of experiment, wearable medical character.
As a result, Luke becomes a super ability, his skin is not punctured, and physical abilities are superior to men in the hundreds and even thousands of times.

Luke Cage 2 season release date was confirmed by Netflix

One day he decided to escape, and his brand new skills easily help to do it. Luke’s goal is to become a super hero for hire, in other words, to make a life of his invulnerability.
In addition, he decides to take revenge Willie Starker former best friend, with whom they were friends since childhood, and instead of throwing in the fire and water. But Willy gave Luke a hard, which is why he was imprisoned and being not guilty.
It all started because of the beautiful girl Reba Conners in which they were both in love, and each of them did not want to retreat and give attention to the girls. Then Willie went to betrayal and offered Luke to deal with the transfer of drugs.
Luke Cage 2 season release date was scheduled for April of 2017.
Let’s wait for the official release date of Luke Cage 2 season on DVD and Bluray, since the season is currently in production.
While waiting, watch Luke Cage 1 season teaser:

Are you a fan of the show? Will you wait for more episodes of this TV series?

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