Love Thy Neighbor Season 7

Love Thy Neighbor Season 7 Release Date


Love Thy Neighbor is a Great Britain situation comedy. Each new episode will really amaze you, besides, here you will see the brilliant Actors play. Now the 7th season of the serial is available for everyone.


The cast to such serial is not so big, as you can think of it. But we will present you the center personalities:

  • Eddie Booth as Jack Smerthurst. He works in a social class. In one beautiful day his life changed to the new side and he meet two wonderful people by the names Bill and Barbie Reynolds. Bill get the work on the factory and he was sure, that now everything will come in the other manner.
  • Joan Booth as Kate Williams. She has a beautiful husband, but despite it, very often she has the problems with him. Near them black man lives and she was scared of him.

Bill Reynolds as Rudolph Walker. He is a real conservator from West India. His Main idea is to stay in the center of attention all the time. People love him by his character and unusual laugh.

  • Barbie Reynolds as Nina Baden-Semper. She is the wife of Bill and she likes to talk with their neighbor.
  • Jacko Robinson as Keith Marsh. He works with Bill and Eddie and we can say, that such person is a socialist. Also he is rather smart and intelligent.
  • Arthur Thomas as Tommy Godfrey. He is Eddie`s worker and he like to spend all the free time in pub.
  • Nobby Garside as Paul Luty. He works as a barman in club and he have a little bit of misunderstanding with Eddie.

The creators of the serial are Harry Driver and Vince Powell.


In such Story you will be presented the life or ordinary people, where each person is an individuality. Here you will also see the people, who have different characters and they want to live friendly, but sometimes it is unreal. So, you wouldn’t be dull while watching each episode. Here every character will bring you the most positive and outstanding emotions.


The running time of one new episode is about 25 minutes, so you will be happy to see this serial, which is full of unusual events. The Love Thy Neighbor 7 Season release date is the 20th of July in the year of 2016. To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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