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Love Island Season 3 Release Date

About the series

Love Island is a popular reality TV series that was first broadcasted on ITV channel in 2011. Love Island belongs to the popular genre of romantic comedy/ dating series. The first season was discontinued back in 2006, but in 2015, the second season was launched on air, and became an instant hit among the new audience.

The show is produced by the ITV chanel’s own studio.

Now, ITV has officially renewed the show and it is about to be aired soon, in the summer of 2017. This is good news, as the last episode of the series had somewhat scandalous and bewildering final, and many critics predicted that the show is done with. The surprise was announced very soon, only two days after the last notorious episode.

The number of viewers of the second installment of the series is estimated to be around 1.3 million viewers, which is twice as much as was at the first installment.

What is going in the show

Twelve contestants are chosen by the independent jury. Six men and six women are paired up immediately at the start of the show. The contestants are also assigned to a villa where they will be living.  In the first installments, the women had a right to pick up the partner, while in the second season, this is the opposite- boys pick girls.

There are further rules of the show. Each couple can exchange partners by mutual consent. There have been several instances of this during the show.

The viewers of the show have a right to vote for one or another couple. If the particular couple is voted out, it has to leave the villa for good.

There is a grand prix for the couples that remain at the end. They will get a prize package of 50 000 British pounds as a reward for their efforts.

The winners of the first installment were model Jessica Hayes and Max Morley.

Interesting facts and anecdotes

-The series got surprisingly low reviews from the critics, which complained on the tediousness and predictability of the show.

-The viewers ratings, however, are the opposite- the show has become twice as popular in its third installment than it was in the first one.

– The show is being watched by as many as 1 million viewers at each episode.

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