Louie: Season 6 Release Date

Louie: Season 6


Louie, a TV show which is aired on the Fox channel, has been renewed for the sixth season. Below, you will see some additional information.

The show Louie has been around for five years already, and all this time the Fox channel has been doing its international fans a real favour — not that the show is not worth it! It has received critical appraisal and demonstrated good ratings. Besides, many have become attached to the comedy series and are already wondering whether Louie will be continued for another set of episodes.


The show was nominated five times for the Emmy awards, in such categories as Best Comedy Series, Best Director, Best Comedy Actor, and Best Screenplay. In 2012, Louie set a record by becoming the first TV show on a basic cable channel to win an Emmy in the category Outstanding Comedy Series.


The series look overall pretty good. It demonstrates some creativity of the script, brilliant humor, and fresh elements of the story. This, combined with the show’s ratings and reception, makes it evident that we will see the next season of Louie, which has been recently confirmed by the channel’s administration. As the current season is still on, we can expect the next on about the same time in spring.

Interesting Facts

Louie: season 6 will be released in spring 2016 (in April). The DVD and Blu-ray releases will follow, but not immediately — in fall 2016 and early 2017, respectively.

What do you think of the show? Do you agree with all the acclaim Louie has received?

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Louie Season 2 on FX JUNE 23rd at 10:30pm

Louie – Season 5 Campaign. Returns April 9th…Only On FX. Made By (mOcean)

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