Louie 6 Season Release Date

Louie 6 season release date

Louie 6 season release date was confirmed by Fox channel.  Check the details below.

For five seasons of the comedy series on FOX television pleases its audience in different countries. After the completion of the fifth season, many fans want to know whether the continuation.
All show’s episodes demonstrate quite stable ratings. Add to this the good grades by critics and audiences, and we can say about the release date of 6 seasons.
And that alone is worth the five nominations for the prestigious series Emmy, among them such as best comedy series, best comedy actor, screenplay and director. In 2012, Louis became the first TV series comedy TV project on a basic cable network, which was nominated for an Emmy for Best Comedy Series.

Louie 6 season release date was confirmed

We show great potential Louis, very innovative, heart-rending humor. Barring anything extraordinary, any of actors does not leave the project and the ratings do not crumble, then in the spring of next year we can wait for the sixth season.
Louie 6 season release date is scheduled for Spring of 2016.

DVD release date of Louie 6 Louie 6 season is scheduled for autumn of 2016.
Louie 6 season release date on Bluray should be expected in early 2017.
Did you watch this show? Do you want it to be continued?

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