Lost and Found Music Studios Season 3

Lost & Found Music Studios is a drama TV series created and initially released in Canada. The creators of the show are Frank van Keeken. The series was first aired by Family Channel. The show is aired on Netflix channel worldwide. In the United Kingdom and in Ireland the series is broadcast by CBBC. Lost and Found Music Studios season 3 release date in 2017 is yet to be announced and scheduled.


Lost & Found Music Studios follows a group of young talented musicians. They slowly explore their talents revealing their identities. The owner of the studio is a well-known producer looking for new members to join his band and participate in live tours making a first significant step to their careers of professional musicians.
Lost and Found Music Studios Season 3 date release

Cast & Characters

  • Shane Harte portrays the character of Luke. He’s the leader of the band of James. Performed at the wedding of Kathy and Arthur singing Lost and Found. He’s calm and friendly. Always ready to help and is quite kind and sincere.
  • Keara Graves acts as Leia. A determined drama queen. She’s perfect at writing songs and is always a leader in various situations. Her romantic interest is Luke (however, he has no idea about that) and she does her best not to let anyone date him.
  • Alex Zaichkowski acts as John. A guitar player and a back-up singer in the band. Looks quiet and keeps his thoughts to himself.
  • Levi Randall portrays Theo. He’s a bassist and a back-up singer. His friends consider him to be awkward.
  • Lost and Found Music Studios Season 3

  • Alyssa Baker acts as Maggie. She’s an adopted child. Spent her childhood in a tiny town. She’s extremely happy to get to the studio to finally be surrounded by people fond of music. She’s very kind to everyone around.
  • Sarah Carmosino portrays the character of Rachel. She’s the best friend of Leia. She’s cynical, self-controlled and organized. Her sarcastic personality never prevents her from being loyal to her friends.
  • Jeni Ross acts as Clara. A timid and shy girl who is mad of music. She’s not confident in her talents, though she’s willing to develop a marvelous career in music industry.
  • DeShaun Clarke portrays Jude. A humorous creative personality. He’s also very ambitious. He’s a very good rapper and is talented at performing hip-hop.

Curious Facts

A song that you hear in the beginning of each new episode serves as a title for this episode.

Lost and Found Music Studios was created as a spin-off series of The Next Step reality dance project.
Lost and Found Music Studios Season 3

3rd Season Air Date

Season 2 wrapped up on the 3rd of December this year. There’s no official info on when the series is planned to be continued, but we will keep you informed whenever we get new info about the 3rd season release date from the official resources of the project. Lost and Found Music Studios hasn’t been cancelled yet and the producers are surely making further plans for the project.

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