Lost and Found Music Studios Season 2

The show was created in Canada and broadcast by Family Channel. The project is The Next Step spin-off. The 2nd episode (though it’s the 1st official episode) was aired on the 11th of December 2015.Also, in Canada, Ireland and the UK it was broadcast by Netflix Network.


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Lost & Found Music Studios follows everyday life of musicians. They are members of one of the school after classes. They develop their music skills exploring their musical identities. The one who owns the after class studio is called Mr. T – the experienced music producer. Every year he lets talented youngsters get through a set of challenges to become members of the band. Every year of studies finishes with a tour and competitions. The tour helps them become a part of music business and develop their career.

Viewers’ Feedback

Some of the viewers are not satisfied with the show. Looks like Mr. T doesn’t pay much attention to his kids letting them hang around the music studio for nothing. They don’t devote much time to the studies. This exclusive program doesn’t look like a premium one. Parents trust Mr. T for nothing. The creators of Lost and Found Music Studios seem to populate the project only for cash producing popular iTunes songs for almost nothing. This way they get juicy payments and doubtful popularity.

The characters are portrayed by average actors. The actors portraying adults also produce strange impression looking as talentless as their kids.
However, it’s still attractive, cause it gives an insight into the process of songwriting in the modern days. The process of working in the studio is also no less attractive for those who has never seen it before. Actually, the story is mostly appealing for the younger audience. It’s written and acted this way to look involving and inspiring for youngsters.
The characters are extremely different. John, facing his mother’s death; Clara, a depressed and misbehaving teen; Eva, an introvert; Leah, a ditzy girl, and others.

Curious Facts

Lost and Found Music Studios Season 2 Cast

  • Every episode of the show has a title. This title is the name of the first song sung in every episode in the very beginning.
  • Lost and Found Music Studios is a spin-off project of The Next Step – reality dance show.

Nearest Broadcasts

The first season ended on the 1st of April. Since that, time there was no official news about the renewal of the series. The reviews are quite mixed and chances for future broadcasts depend on the feedback and critics’ reviews.


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