The Locked Up Secrets. Episode 2.1 Release Date

The Locked Up Secrets. Episode 2.1 Release Date


If you like unusual stories with extraordinary endings, this will be your favorite one. Here in “The Locked Up Secrets” every hero has his own secrets and they are afraid to talk about them. But the most exciting moment will wait for you at the end of every episode. Find the time to watch it and you will be satisfied at all.


The cast of the story can be described by such means:

  • Logan Robson as Adam.
  • Hn Travis plays the role of Jared.
  • Robson Dylan is Sam.
  • Meredith as Emma.
  • Db Paytin plays the role of Jane.
  • Hn Erica as Emily.

And, of course, we must talk about such people, as writers and director. The director is Logan Robson. And Logan Robson and Robson Dylan are the talented writers, the authors of the plot.


The serial “The Locked Up Secrets” will help you to get into another world, where everything could happen. Here you will be shown the most beautiful places and its secrets. And also you will know about the most hidden places with help of people. If you didn’t visit America and you haven’t an opportunity to do it, this film will present the most mysterious places, which will be interesting for you.


People of all ages like to see this serial, because it is rather unusual and some kind of unique. If we will talk about genre, we must say, that it is action. One episode can be so beautiful and full of bright moments, that you will forget everything, that you know before.

Of course, the second season is just a continuation, but it is also so good, that you will estimate it. The “The Locked Up Secrets” takes place in Canada. Especially, if we talk about the second season. The new episodes are available now, because the release data is estimated on the year of 2016.

Do you have any idea of what to do this weekend? See “The Locked Up Secrets” and be the happiest person in the world.

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