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General Info

Liv & Maddie is a sitcom with growing popularity created for teenagers. Produced in the USA by John Beck and Ron Hart. Broadcast on Disney Channel.
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There are two protagonists in the story and they are identical twins. Both of them are played by one and the same actor. Though the twins are identical they’ve got totally different personalities. Live Rooney is a typical cute girl who worked as Hollywood actress for four years. She had much work to do for her acting career, but suddenly she decided to get back to her mother town to meet with her beloved family. Maddie, her twin sister is a boyish girl interested in sports and all the men stuff.
The story concentrates on Liv trying to get back and to adjust to her usual family life after being so popular on TV screens.

Plot Summary and Actors

The protagonist of the story is Liv Rooney – an actress who has just went back to her motherland – Stevens Point, Wisconsin. For a period of four years she had been filming in a popular TV program Sing It Loud, and it was a great success. She is happy to finally see her parents Karen and Pete, her brothers Joey and Parker and her twin sister Maddie.
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Maddie Rooney is totally opposite to her sister. While her sister is girly and charming, Maddie is a perfect tomboy crazy about sports. She is a leader of the local basketball team.
Joey is kinda awkward, Parker is self-confident and smart, Karen works as a school psychologist (and a vice-principal in season 2) and Pete trains Maddie’s basketball team.
Their family house gets collapsed, Maddie enters Malibu college in California and the Rooneys family also move there.
The cast: Dove Cameron plays for both Liv and Maddie Rooney, Tenzing Norgay Trainor  plays the role of Parker Rooney, Kali Rocha acts as Karen Rooney, Benjamin King as Pete Rooney and Joey Bragg acts as Joey Rooney.

Feedback and facts

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The format of the sitcom is quite peculiar. There are cutaways in the story, where the characters speak about things that have happened, express their opinion on the problems and share their worries with the viewers. It adds a bit of reality to the show in general.
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How About the 4th Season?

Wanna get some good news?! The great thing is that this sitcom series gets back to our TV screens with the fourth season starting on the 17th of January, 2016!


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