Little Women: NY Season 3

Little Women: NY is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by Lifetime with the first season release date on the 25th of March 2015. It’s a Little Women: LA spin-off. The series follows everyday life of little women from NYC. Season 2 of Little Woman: NY started on the 4th of May 2016. Little Women: NY season 3 release date hasn’t been announced, but the series is still going.


The show follows everyday life issues of little people with big personalities living in one of the biggest cities in the world. New faces were added to season 2.

Little Women: NY Season 3 date release

These big-hearted, intelligent women with great personalities and huge desire to develop in personal and professional lives are ready to face numerous challenges on their emotional journey. Every new episode of the show demonstrates their everyday struggle in the world of average people. Jason finally finds the courage to introduce his romantic interest to his friends. Lila experiences various health issues. Dawn investigates into the identity of her biological parents.


  • Dawn Lang. Devotes most part of her life to her career. She’s tough and straightforward. Had to finish a long lasting romantic relationship and now she’s in search of a new love affair. Guided and supported by Lila.
  • Jason Perez. Moved out of his parents’ house to become fully independent. Shares an apartment with Lila. Enters a new relationship and is going to finally reveal it to his friends.
  • Jazmin Lang. Originates from a family of people of average height. Married to brother of Dawn. Her brother David is willing to leave the city in order to start a quiet family life. Jazmin’s dream is to become a NYC performer and it looks like she’s successful in it.

 Little Women: NY Season 3

  • Jessica Capri. She’s a typical Jersey girl with straightforward attitude and tough manner of talking. Moves to New York in search of new life. She’s sassy and confident bringing her Jersey character to the group. She’s single hunting for a guy able to put up with her personality.
  • Katie Snyder. She’s six years in a relationship with PJ and now she’s pregnant. Planning to get to a big city to be closer to Jessica, her cast mate. However, PJ is willing to get back to his music career and it may ruin Katie’s plans for their family future.
  • Lila Call. An extrovert and an emotional leader of the group. She’s single willing to finally find a sensible guy to create a family with. She’s also haunted by the fear for her elderly parents. Her roommate Jason is always ready to support her!

3rd Season Air Date

Little Women: NY Season 3

There’s no official info about the release of Little Women: NY in its third installment. When the producers of Little Women share more info on the subject, we will inform you about it.

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