Little Women: Dallas Season 2

Little Women: Dallas Season 2 Release Date


Little Women: Dallas is a reality TV serial, which was appeared in May this year. The season premiere amaze a lot of people, so now you can see the continuation of the Story, which will be really unforgettable. The Little Women: Dallas 2 Season release date is the 18th of December in the year of 2016.


In the Main cast of this extraordinary life serial, you will see a lot of talented artists. Among them we must mention the following people:

  • Tonya Renee Banks.
  • Terra Jole.
  • Elena Gant.
  • Christy McGinity Gibel.
  • Briana Renee.
  • Traci Richelle Harrison.
  • Traci Harrison Tsou.

The directors of the serial are Greg Matthews and David Hobbes. Among the producers, we must mention Christian Polsinelli, Lyndee Brown, Gerald Massimei, Eli Lehrer, Eric Detwiler, Raquel Giberstein, John Dufresne-Williams, Mariana Flynn, Christopher Lauer, San Heng, Jeff Jenkins, Sara Mast.


This serial is presented in extraordinary format and people, who live in Dallas will understand this Story from the first several minutes. In the center of attention, you will see little girls, who are earlier presented as the girls from Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta. Here the Story will present the Terra`s Little Family.

All the events, which are shown here, are connected with the little girls, which are living in Dallas. They are rather extraordinary people, but they are not shy about it – they try to live the life fully, despite the Interesting thing, which happened with their high.

Each of the girls, which are presented here, have the boyfriends and good works, so everything in their lives comes in the right way. Here you will be shown a lot of romantic moments and the situations of life.


This reality show will be Interesting for girls of different ages. If your aim is to spend free time with a great pleasure, you will estimate that serial, because it will present you such an opportunity. Besides, each new episode lasts for approximately 42 minutes and every person has that time for relaxing and doing the most pleasant things.

When it is important to name the season air date, you may use the information from this article. 

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