Little Women: Atlanta Season 3

Little Women: Atlanta is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by Lifetime channel with the first season release date on the 23rd of March 2016. The series is a spin-off of Little Women: LA. It follows lives of several little women with dwarfism from Atlanta. Season 2 started in July of 2016. Little Women: Atlanta season 3 release date has already been announced – read further to find out!


Little Women: Atlanta is a reality show released in spring of 2016. Each new episode of the show chronicles the everyday life of little women sharing common troubles of living and developing in the world of average people. They are all friends. They know that the world around is tougher than usual people think, but they manage to break through with their personal and professional lives no matter what happens. They’re brave to face challenges of all sorts.

Little Women: Atlanta Season 3 date release



  • Amanda & Andrea Salinas. They come times experience difficulties in sisters’ communication, but they always manage to restore this relationship. Chris returns to the life of Andrea making Amanda seriously worried for her sister. New fractures appear when Amanda tries to concentrate on her business affairs while Andrea gets totally devoted to her family life.
  • Ashley Ross referred to as Minnie. Does her best to get on well again with Ms. Juicy and Monie. However, the truths revealed in the course of the series become a real obstacle for the girls’ friendship. Minnie is willing to be independent moving on her own and developing a new romantic relationship. However, her mom Tammie prevents her from being on her own constantly knocking on her door for a favor. Minnie is also worried about her well-being and health issues.
  • Ms. Juicy. Atlanta’s queen willing to get everything the way she wants to. She’s the presenter of her own radio show “Juicy Talk”. Now she’s developing her production for TV. Isn’t it too much of a challenge for her?

 Little Women: Atlanta Season 3

  • Sam. Originates from New Jersey. She’s also a friend of Tanya. Deals with makeup business constantly looking for new clients. Helps Tanya with kids living together with her in one apartment. Living together with toddlers is not an easy task to fulfill, but Sam is persistent and patient handling everything fearlessly. She’s straightforward and frank.
  • Tanya. Successful, independent and smart always being the voice of truth in conflicts of Minnie with other girls. However, Tanya also manages to get into real drama when dark spots of her past start to get out on the surface. Her life is a never-ending struggle between her friends and her business. However, the first thing she cares about is her kids’ upbringing.
  • Tiffany Cashette referred to as Monie. Does her best to keep her relationship with Morlin going.

However, life brings numerous complications to her and her children.

Little Women: Atlanta Season 3

3rd Season Air Date

Little Women: Atlanta has been officially prolonged for one season more. The show will be released in its third installment on the 4th of January 2017!

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