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Line of Duty is a British police drama series. The premiere episode was broadcast on the 26th of June 2012. It’s one of the most watched series on BBC Two. It has already been nominated for lots of rewards and received the approval of more than for millions of viewers.

Main Cast and Characters

Beware for the spoilers! If you’re willing to watch the series from the beginning, do it just now an skip this part of the article!
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  • Martin Compston portrays the character of Steve Arnott. He’s a Detective Sergeant at AC-12. This unit along with other eleven deals with corruption and cover the territory of West Midlands. AT first, Steve Arnott worked as an anti-terrorism officer. He used to be a loner doing everything on his own. He doesn’t like teamwork trying not to be accompanied by his co-workers. In the third season, he was accused for the murder, but later he was cleared from all suspicions and charges.
  • Vicky McClure portrays Kate Fleming, who works as a Detective Constable. She’s also an experienced undercover agent. An undeniable professional, she longs to deal with inner and outer investigations in AC-12. In the second season, Kate In series two faces the murder of DI Lindsay Denton. She gets the promotion at the end of the third season. Kate is a single mom with children.
  • Adrian Dunbar acts as Ted Hastings, who works as a police Superintendent. He is also the Chief Investigating Officer. He was the one who recruited most part of the staff. He’s confident and never hesitates while making an important decision. His attitude to law issues is black-and-white. In the third season, it turns out that Hastings is a Mason, which makes his colleagues doubt the sincerity of his commitment.
  • Craig Parkinson acts as Matthew Cottan. At first, we meet him as a Sergeant, but in the second season, he gets recruited to AC-12. He turns out to be a negative character prone to corruption, He’s the one who kills Lindsay Denton. Later he gets shot and dies.
  • Keeley Hawes acts as Lindsay Denton. She’s a detective inspector. Was accused of being associated with murders of her colleagues. Was arrested and charged. She was later murdered by Cottan cause she managed to get crucial evidence that could help in the investigation of Danny Waldron’s murder.


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No matter how good the show is there’ll always be someone to express discontent. One of the viewers made an official complaint about BBC’s attitude to one of the young actors in the cast. An Ofcom media regulator paid attention on the scenes filmed with the participation of a 13-year-old actor named Gregory Piper. The scenes he appeared in often depicted acts of violence with explicit language and sexual context in them. BBC was demanded to take care of the emotional welfare of young actors under 18. Ofcom also added that BBC failed to get an independent child psychiatrist, who could give his opinion about emotional and intellectual abilities of a kid to be a part of the cast. Controversial scenes must not be filmed without regulators, who can protect young actors from distressing and harmful situations.

Release Date Info

Line of Duty drama series was renewed for season 2. The first episode of it was released on the 12th of February 2014. Season 2 managed to achieve a great public and critical response. It turned out to be one of the most anticipated show on the Channel. Later, on the 8th of April 2014 BBC renewed the series for two more seasons. The show got to the Top 50 BBC Two best shows. Jed Mercurio, the creator of the series, said that the fourth season is planned to be filmed in autumn and new episodes will be broadcast in 2017. The exact release date is yet to be scheduled.


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