Line of Duty Season 3


Issued in 2012, Line of Duty happens to be a British police procedural TV series shot by Jed Mercurio. That’s probably the most well-known TV drama series aired the channel BBC Two.

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In this TV series we can come across such actors as Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar, Keeley Hawes and Martin Compston.


As a spectator, you follow a multi-stranded investigation over several hours and stumble on Sergeant Steve Arnott, who was transferred to an anti-corruption service, officially dubbed AC-12 after an erroneous shooting when participating in a counter-terrorist operation. Together with a skilled colleague Kate Fleming, they’re given a task to pursue an investigation into the potential corruption by a successful and popular officer, Inspector Tony Gates. Gates wisely manipulates his unit’s figures, and at the same time DS Arnott tries to find out whether Gates is guilty of corruption or not.

Line of Duty Season 3

Dot Cottan first arises as a Sergeant serving with the police alongside DCI Tony Gates. Tony was promoted to Inspector and then recruited to the unit AC-12 close to the end of series two. Later it will be disclosed that Cottan appears to be the corrupt officer, boasting a nickname The Caddy. This man killed Lindsay Denton.

Being the sole survivor of the cunning ambuscade of a witness protection convoy, Lindsay Denton gets accused of being complicit in the series of homicides of her fellow officers. Therefore, she’s arrested and also charged.  Then, an appeal trial is granted to Denton in series three, and he’s acquitted on the basis of an obscene sexual relationship with Arnott. Having refused to accept a bribe, she’s killed by DI Matthew Cottan. Before her death, Lindsay managed to find crucial evidence, which pertains to the Danny Waldron assassination investigation alongside child sex abuses.

Line of Duty Season 3

Initially assigned to the team of Tony Gates, Nigel Morton appears to be a Detective Constable. He works in tandem with Matthew Cottan. He’s seen in the episode two and also three, right before making use of retirement, with full pension, to say nothing of disability benefits.


The police didn’t want to co-operate with the TV project’s producers. As a result, the production team had to rely on recommendations from retired police officers.

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