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Have you ever watched the feature film released in 2011? The thing is that we are talking now about its sequel with the same title “Limitless” that is presented in the shape of the multipart movie. So far the viewers are in possession of only one season and are longing for the emergence of the sophomore one. So if you have not watched this serial, you have a brilliant chance to catch up with the rest of the fans of the franchise.

Basic information ever fan of the serial should know

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Limitless makes for the fresh project on CBS that is founded on the events depicted in the eponymous feature film launched as far back as in 2011. By the genre, the whole story is referred to as a sci-fi drama with the speckles of criminal action. Thus, it is a pretty promising mixture of genres in terms of the possible excitement that the viewers should get while watching the story.
The serial is a co-project of the entire range of production companies including K/O Paper Products, Relativity Television, and CBS Television Studios. The acting crew is spearheaded by Jake McDorman and Bradley Cooper.
As for the premiere of the serial, it was held specifically at the end of September of the previous year.  The whole run included 22 episodes. Thus, there is a strong probability that we are going to be pleased by new episodes in the near future.

Plot summary

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The plot revolves around Brian Finch who has discovered the drug that is turning on all neuron cells in the person’s brains for a half of a natural day. This particular leads to the person becoming the most intellectual creature on the planet.
Surely, it doesn’t go without certain consequences which can be neutralized by an antidote.  One more principal character of the story named Morra who serves as a senator supplies Brian with this antidote. Certainly, he must work off it. This situation is turning in more complicated direction when the FBI agents begin interested in Brian’s skills caused by the invented drug. Specifically they want him to use his intelligence in order to solve some cold cases.

What is about the rating level?

The critics’ and common viewers’ opinions do not coincide in fact. The first ones consider the narrative of the franchise as something not so much attractive while others are receiving the story with flying flowers. The whole viewership gathered by the series constitutes about 6 million watchers which is, however, a decline in comparison with the first results got at the launch of the pioneer episodes.
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When can we expect the launch of another chapter?

The decline in rating numbers when getting closer to the final episodes should be taken, however, as the reason to cancel the project. But there is so far some worry about whether we will get a chance to be gladdened by the sophomore chapter as there is nothing currently confirmed by the creators of the serial – either the Limitless season 2 release date or the possibility of the future renewal.


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