Lewis and Clark Season 1 Release Date

Lewis and Clark Season 1 Release Date


Lewis and Clark mini-series made by National Geographic and HBO shows American idealism and the breathtaking natural beauty of the North American continent, as well as the complexity and the tragic consequences of the actions caused by the so-called" apparent predestination.

Lewis and Clark season 1 release date is planned by HBO for autumn of 2016. The details about Lewis and Clark season 1 premiere on DVD and Bluray is not told.


The role of Lewis went to Casey Affleck and Matthias Schoenaerts was casted for the role of Clark. Among the executive producers – Tom Hanks, Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Tim Kelly and Adam Leipzig.


This story tells us that when the American colonists and explorers first stumbled upon the Indians, on their first contact with tribes located on the west bank of the Mississippi River.

Events described in Lewis and Clark season 1 episode 1 exactly what happened in the product "Undaunted Courage", the famous American writer Ambrose E. Stephen.

Those who have read this masterpiece, will understand that the story is really interesting and exciting. He laid out so well that includes even the smallest details of the existence and practices of the hard life of tribal communities.

Protagonists and forwarders Lewis and Clark collected a team to travel to the west bank of the Mississippi River, their goal was to find a waterway to the great Pacific Ocean. This important mission assigned to them by the president Jefferson.

Protagonists waiting for a long and dangerous journey into the unknown, whether they will be able to overcome all difficulties and to return to their homeland without losing any of your team?

The audience will be presented to the indescribable beauty of these places at the time, revealed the secrets of ancient traditions and customs.

Interesting Facts

Lewis and Clark season 1 premiere will consist of 6 episodes – it is planned as a mini-series;

The production of the series is made by studios Playtone, Plan B and Class 5;

Lewis and Clark season 1 premiere is based on a novel by writer and historian Stephen E. Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage.

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