Letterkenny Season 2

Some advanced viewers prefer TV series about urban life, full of exciting adventures and constant movement. But there are those who know that in somen provincial towns the life is boiling not less than in metropolitan areas. The authors of a Canadian sitcom decided to prove it, when in the winter of last year released project Letterkenny on Crave TV channel. This sitcom is about the life of the inhabitants of a small town, about their problems, joys and experiences. After the first season came to an end and the last episode was shown, the audience became sad, worrying that there would be no continuation. But the creators of the series have pleased fans, saying that Letterkenny season 2 is renewed — release date to be announced. The next new episode is going to be presented very soon, and the coming of the second season air date is being awaited right now by the audience, which hopes for the show to return this winter.

Creators and Producers

The lovers of Letterkenny remember that its first season release date was premiered on February 7, 2016. That part consisted of 6 episodes each lasting not more than half an hour.
Letterkenny Season 2 date release

The creator and the author of the script is Jared Keeso, who is also included in the cast and plays the main role in the series. Among his colleagues are executive producers whose main task is to develop the show and present its next second season start. These people are:

  • Jacob Tierney;
  • Patrick O’Sullivan;
  • Mark Montefiore;
  • Duncan Penn;
  • Ben Nemtin.

The companies producing the project and those which will be responsible for the following season premiere are Bell Media, New Metric Media and DHX Media. The network which will definitely broadcast all the possible future air dates is Crave TV, a Canadian channel.
Letterkenny Season 2

Plot Peculiarities

The main character of the show is Wayne (his role is played by Jared Keeso), who has experienced a break with the woman. His friends cheer for him, but the program is hardly to be called a sad one, because the show is full of funny scenesand awkward situations, in which the participants of this sitcom constant get. Little town Letterkenny is a place where many people know one another, which adds even more spice to many scenes and attracts viewers for each episode. The other actors presented in the program are such as:

  • Nathan Dales (plays the role of Daryl);
  • Tyler Johnston (his character is Stewart);
  • Andrew Herr (he presents Jonesy);
  • Dylan Playfair (plays the role of Reilly) and others.

Letterkenny Season 2

Soon Renewal and Current Rating

It’s a great pleasure for series fans that the project is officially renewed for season two. Finale results on IMDB prove that the show is greatly appreciated by the public as its rating is of 8.4/10. There is still no any exact data concerning the schedule of future episodes and when new season is going to air, so stay tuned and be the first to get this information.

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