Letterkenny Season 2

The new sitcom based one of the most popular Canadian online mini-series “Letterkenny Problems” is going to please fans of the comedy genre. Whether it will have a renewal is unclear so far. However, let’s hope for the best and keep waiting for the arrival of the news.

Short review

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Letterkenny is a TV serial created by a Canadian company. The story is based on the mini-series “Letterkenny Problems”.
The primary creator of the project is the one and only Jared Keeso. The production company is New Metric Media. The team of producers includes Keeso and Jacob Tierney again.
The online series mentioned above premiered back in 2013. The serial garnered more than 10 million views since then. And that can be considered as a great achievement. Moreover, it was nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards.
The acting crew includes such personalities as Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, and the creator of the story, Jared Keeso in the key position.
The series debuted in February this year. The whole amount of episodes (there were six of them and each lasted for about thirty minutes) became accessible at once. The streaming network was Crave TV.

Plot Summary

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The story is about two friends. They are residents of a small fictitious town Ontario. It is interesting to note that Ontario is similar to the hometown of Keeso in Canada.
So-called teams exist in the city. They are hicks, Skids, Hockey players, and Christians. They are always quarreling and fighting each other for random reasons.
There are also some other principal characters who also have a lot of time in the film. As, for example, Katy, who is a junior sister of Wayne.

Renewal potential

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Letterkenny is undoubtedly a pay dirt. For what reasons, you ask? Let’s put it simply. Everyone who has watched it can prove that the story is a cheerful kind-hearted series and a very sincere experience. The rating on IMDb speaks for itself. It is more than 8 points out of 10. The reviews from the critics as well as from the regular viewers are also rather positive. That’s enough to say that the developers should renew it in any case.
The prayers of the admirers of the series have been heard. After all, the developers have officially announced the renewal of the series for the second season. This following chapter was received with flying flowers, as the room of audiences is growing day in and day out. That became known on March 11, by the way.
Though it is too early to speak about the Letterkenny season 2 release date, we can, however, recount some details about its filming. So the shooting is slated for this very spring. That’s why we can hope that it will appear this or the next year. Keep abreast of the news coming from the developers and keep waiting for the second and maybe not the last season of the sitcom.


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