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The Letter is an unscripted reality TV series, which was produced by Sirens Media. The season premiere was in October this year, but the second one is already available for everyone. The Letter 2 Season release date is the 7th of November in the year of 2016.


Here in the cast, we must introduce the narrator of the show. Her name is Zelda Williams and she did a great job in order to make the show Interesting and really outstanding.

The producers of the serial are Rebecca Toth Diefenbach, Valerie Haselton, Lucilla D`Agostino, Arthur Borman, Jack Mori and the Sirens Media Company.


Of course, you know, that your friends know you better, then others. Especially, if we talk about people, whom you know for a long period of time. Parents are also the people, who play a very important role, but you must be ready to see the people here, who know more, that parent. They are ready to give a good advice in any period of time and they are sure, that, everything, what they do, is really good for you.

This innovative program, which is presented in the second season, offers people a great opportunity to check out the friends and to do everything in order to be sure in each of the people, who surrounds you.

In each episode, which appear here, you will see the four people and the observations, which they made. They are sure, that such an approach will change the life of people, who are near them. The female friendship is focused here and here women will work on shortcomings in order to turn their plan into the reality. The culmination of the Story will occur, when the identities will be shown and you will be greatly amazed by it.


In such an unusual serial you will see, what truth means and it will help you to check out your friends. Each time the new situation will be shown and it will be very similar to your life situations. The new episode will be full of fantastic conclusions, so each time it is really fancy to watch and enjoy.

If you have enough free time, watch the reality show in order to relax and to get new and important information.

When the season air date needs to be checked, this article will help you.

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