The Leftovers Season 3

Brief Review

The relatively new American drama shot in the genre of a fantastic thriller. Airing on the HBO channel since 2014, the series has already experienced two cycles and the third one is expected next spring. The Leftovers season 3 release date remains to be defined.

Tom Perrotta and Damon Lindelof are behind the development of the adaptation of the famous novel penned under the same title.
The Leftovers Season 3 date release

Plot Summary

The story focus is the mysterious disappearance of millions of people that happened three years ago. This was preceded by one mysterious event. Now a group of people fight for their lives while coping with that tragic loss of the unknown nature.

The main characters are four people from the Garvey family who have each delved into an unlikely relation.

The acting cast of the drama includes the following names of lead performers:

  • Margaret Qualley,
  • Justin Theroux,
  • Chris Zylka,
  • Liv Tyler,
  • Carrie Coon,
  • Amy Brenneman and others.

The Leftovers Season 3

Latest Rating Figures

The series debuted with more than 1.5 million watchers per each new episode in 2014. The second season premiere was noted for a considerable decline in ratings. Only 0.6 million watchers upon average tuned in when the second season was running. As for scores, they are high still. On IMDb, it equals 8.0 points out of 10.

The multiple reviews underline that the series is one of the greatest displays of art ever to be put on screen. Thought provoking and intense, the serial is accepted by others with less enthusiasm, however, but still favorably. To sum it up, the series is received with much warmth and new additions should be developed, thus, further. What do you think of it? Is the story worth continuing it?
The Leftovers Season 3

Renewed to Come Back to Screens

Despite that considerable decline, Damon Lindelof’ artistic vision is given another yet the last chance. The thing is that the third cycle will be a closure of the story. Damon himself promises that the ending will ambiguous and highly emotional.

The new season air date is yet to be exposed but as the schedule says, we will enjoy the new chapter in spring 2017. To sum it up, we should be prepared for the immediate exposal of the next season release date, as 2017 is already near.

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