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Leepu and Pitbull Season 2 Release Date


The premiere of the first season happened on the “History Channel” in June 2015. The Show belongs to such style where two or more people are making a top car from a trash car, and in this way they are making the owner of this auto happy. It became the reason of so high popularity of show “Leepu and Pitbull”, which could receive the whole army of fans and simply spectaculars, which had wait for new episodes of the show about machines, mechanicals with a well sense of humor and happy owners of new machines, which became the real works of art owing to duet of gifted mechanic and creative car designer.


The roles of two cheerful car wizards were played by real persons. There were Steve Trimboli a.k.a. “Pitbull” (he is an owner of Pit Bull Motors garage, which is situated on Long Island; he could repair old machine for a very reasonable price) and his staunch ally – car designer from the Bangladesh Nizamuddin Awlia a.k.a “Leppu”.


The plot of this project is very simple. Some cast people transport their old good motor to the garage of “Leppu and Pitbull”. Through the episode “Pitbull” and “Leppu” are thinking and realizing their ideas about the transformation of an old car in a terrible state into the masterpiece. The result of every episode, f course, was various, but, as a rule, every episode is finished by merry owner, which takes his new auto from the repair shop with shining with joy eyes. Also, there are demonstrating photo of the machine before and after the work in the garage quite often (like in any other similar shows of that type).


This show became very popular among the Americans. It could be possible because of interest main heroes and unique creative ideas, which are not replayed even in two episodes. Show made so large success that “History” Channel of it started to think about the 2nd season. But because of a big budget (every new episode will take some hundred of thousand or sometimes million dollars) the season release date is unknown. And few million people around the USA are waiting for the second season air date of the show. When the second season of “Leppu and Pitbull” will be released? The “History” Channel announces it soon.

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Leepu and Pitbull Season 2 1

Chop Shop London Garage – season 2 episode 9 – David Ginolas Porsche 944

Leepu & Pitbull: Giving Leepu Room to Work (S1, E1) | History

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