Law and Order: SVU Season 18

A legendary procedural drama is to return to our TV screens in the shape of the upcoming season number 18. The creators of the drama seem to have a large number of ideas in store to bring them to life.

Principal portion of info about the brand project on NBC

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit makes for the criminal drama in the form of a multipart movie by American production. The home channel of the serial is reckoned to be NBC. The leader of the behind-the-scene crew is Dick Wolf. As far as the acting cast is concerned, here we should mention such stars as Mariska Hargitay, Kelly Giddish Ice-T, and some others.
This very serial is considered to be the part of the franchise titled “Law & Order” that is still under development. The latest season 17 was released in the preceding year if to be more concrete at the end of September.

Plot details: main characters, place of action, stories taken from violent life

The action of the drama takes place in New York. The story itself features the investigation process of various criminal cases led by the detectives from the 16 Precinct. All presented story are with psychological aspects being explored in the serial. Especially it concerns sex crimes.
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All the stories are taken from real life. As for example, the case of Caitlyn Jenner that was in the air in the preceding year hitting the minds of American society. So the project seems to have no end as the life provides us with unfortunately with a great number of criminal cases.

What is about the popularity of the project?

Though the serial is considered to be a project with a long history (just look at the number of chapters in includes), the serial seems like only gaining traction in spite of becoming boring and monotonous for the viewers. According to the up-to-date statistics, the total number of viewers of the serial if to take into account the broadcast of the most recent chapter is evaluated in more than 7 million people. We can just be lost in conjectures how the developers manage to maintain such a high level of popularity. What is their secret?
So the serial is nothing but a usual yet very exciting thing in the life of millions of people. The serial is as you know renewed for another chapter about which we are already feeling the great anticipation.

When can we expect the appearance of the upcoming chapter?

The announcement about the renewal has been brought to the public in February this year. Though we have no information concerning the Law & Order: SVU season 18 release date as well as about other inspiring details of the upcoming chapter, the developers have presented quite great news, The thing is that Mariska Hargitay is to come to the acting crew reprising her leading role.
So we must keep abreast of the situation in order to obtain any kind of important information from the creators in a right time. Be the first one who will get to know the launch date of the upcoming eighteenth season straight from the horse’s mouth.


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