Lab Rats: Elite Force Season 2


Lab Rats: Elite Force is American TV science-fiction, which appears in the year of 2016. A lot of people estimate it, so nowadays you can see the second season. Here in the center of attention you can see the people, who will save the earth.


That season premiere will be very interesting, because here you will see a lot of talented actors. Among them we must mention the following cast:

  • Bradley Steven Perry in the role of Kaz.
  • William Brent, who plays the role of Chase.
  • Paris Berelc as Skylar.
  • Jake Short in the role of Oliver.
  • Kelli Berglund, who plays the role of Bree.

It is created by Bryan Moore and Chris Peterson. The theme music composers are Joacim Persson, Johan Alkenas, and Niclas Molinder. The composer is Bert Selen. Among the executive producers we must mention Bryan Moore, and Chris Peterson. The producers of the serial are Greg A. Hampson and Ken Blankstein.


The plot of that serial is rather interesting and unusual. Here in the center of attention you will see Davenport. And he has a brilliant plan – he decided to form a team of elite bionic heroes. Among them there will appear two superheroes by the names of Chase and Bree. Although here will take part Oliver, Kaz and Skylar. Their main aim is to fight in Centium City, where often headquarters appear. So, Davenport provide the most interesting and extraordinary plan, with help of which he and his command will destroy all the villains, which appear in Mighty Med Hospital.

So, such an unusual command begun to fight. We must pay attention to their suits. The two colors, black and blue help them to have a good view in any situation. On their way they have a lot of difficulties, but they didn’t give up. Each member of the crew believes, that if they will fight, the world will change into a better side and humans wouldn’t suffer from anything.


Here you will see a lot of special effects, so people, who prefer fantastic films will be very excited to watch that beautiful serial. Besides, it is very easy to watch each episode, which are full of positive and sometimes very unpredictable events.

The running time of each new episode is about 24 minutes. The Lab Rats: Elite Force 2 Season release date is the 26th of March this year. When we talk about the season air date, pay attention, that it will be the same.

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Lab Rats: Elite Force Season 2 2

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