Lab Rats: Elite Force Season 2

That’s a sci-fi sitcom created in the USA and released by Disney Network on the 2nd of March 2016. The creators of the series are Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore. Lab Rats: Elite Force is a spin-off of Disney XD TV series Lab Rats and Mighty Med. The show is about an elite group of people with fantastic, unbelievable powers. They are bionic superheroes tracking the evil things and making sure the world around them is safe. There are only eight episodes in the series, the show passed through its first season – what about plans for the future and possible broadcasts? Let’s see…

Plot in Brief

The action takes place on Bionic Island. The story starts from the point when Marcus Davenport, the diabolical android is defeated. Donald gives Chase and Bree a new task and sends them for a new mission. Two shape lifters destroyed the Mighty Med hospital. It was a revenge to all superheroes. Chase and Bree have to become members of a group of special forces all together with Kaz, Oliver and Skylar.
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They cooperate to become Elite Force combining bionic technologies and marvelous superpowers. They must work in cooperation to protect Centium City. The team of young and brave superheroes is ready to be the force constantly protecting the city and the whole world.


  • Bree Davenport is one of the main characters in Lab Rats: Elite Force. Her super power is extreme speed. Bree cooperates with Kaz, Oliver and Skylar Storm. They track evil forces protecting the innocent.
  • A Mighty Med employee. He was born normal, but after a fight with Oliver’s mom he gets exposed by Arcturion and this event makes him a superhero out of an ordinary person. Mighty Med is destroyed and Kazimieras cooperates with Bree and Chase to find out who is responsible for that. He’s also willing to take part in operations protecting the world from evil powers.
  • A Mighty Med employee in the past. Became a superhero after an accident alien artifact exposure. After the destruction of Mighty Med he teams up with Bree and Chase (and later with Skylar and Kaz) to fight with villains.
  • Skylar Storm. Another superhero in the team.
  • Chase Davenport. A bionic superhuman and the smartest one in the team. His friends often tease him cause he’s short. He’s also a nerd unable to find a girlfriend.

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What about the Renewal?

The series is rumored to be cancelled, but no official info was given on that, so let’s wait. Don’t forget to check for the updates if you’re interested in Lab Rats: Elite Force and its future.


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