Lab Rats: Elite Force Season 2

Get pleasure from the show, which was recently presented on the TV channel Disney XD, can not only children but also their parents. This immediate and easy program is a typical Disney’s project, full of adventures, puzzles, and, of course, wins. We are talking about the show Lab Rats: Elite Force, the first season of which ended with great success. But if the authors today gave a clear answer regarding the continuation, the public would be at peace. However, there hasn’t been official information on the extension of the series, so the audience is puzzled about when Lab Rats: Elite Force season 2 will be premiered. Release date of the next season premiere hasn’t been mentioned, and the viewers have nothing to do but wait for the coming part and hope that its new episode will return as soon as possible.
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Production Info

The first season release date of this American was presented on March 2, 2016. Not all the viewers know that this series combines the features of two earlier programs also released on Disney XD: they are Lab Rats and Mighty Med. The pilot season consisted of 15 episodes.
The creators of the project are Bryan Moore and his colleague Chris Peterson. Besides these personalities scriptwriters who are the authors of Lab Rats: Elite Force and are responsible for its many features including the cast are the following ones:

  • William Brent;
  • Victor Gonzalez;
  • Hal Sparks;
  • Bradley Steven Perry;
  • Jody Margolin Hahn;
  • Guy Distard.

The main companies distributing the show and those which are likely to present its following season start are It’s A Laugh Productions and Britelite Productions. The channel broadcasting which is sure to announce all the possible air dates of the series is Disney XD.
Lab Rats: Elite Force Season 2 Spoiler

Plot Peculiarities

In the center of the plot of the project are four young people with the skills of superheroes. To fight evil, they are combined into one team and only together can overcome all the enemies that threaten humanity. Such a story, of course, is not an original one, but the audience has always liked similar shows, grand and bombastic, and if children are involved, it is generally their favorite genre.
The main actors playing the superheroes are:

  • Bradley Steven Perry;
  • William Brent;
  • Kelli Berglund;
  • Jake Short.

Number of Viewers and Renewal Prospects

The renewed season air date is still unknown, but there are good chances for the series to be continued. When new season was presented to the viewers, it was watched by about 0.52 million viewers, and later this figure turned even bigger – 0.64 million. On IMDB the rating of the program is 6.6/10, and it’s actually not the worst result. Stay tuned to know the schedule of upcoming Lab Rats: Elite Force and not to miss finale creators’ announcements.


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