L.A. Picker Season 2 Release Date

L.A. Picker Season 2 Release Date


L.A. Picker season 2 is a satire web arrangement about the aggressive universe of urban citizens seeking for their place under the sun (and a puppy).

The creators have not yet announced the exact release date for the second season of this web series. L.A. Picker season 2 release date was scheduled for the end of 2016. Surely, there is no news about the release date of L.A. Picker season 2 on Bluray and DVD.


Scott Epstein taking part in L.A. Picker season 2 premiere is a performing artist, artist, training specialist, approach examiner, and group advocate.  He graduated with a B.A. in Drama from Duke University in 2001 and earned a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University in 2007. Devin Sidell and Angus Wallace also take part in the web series.

The Main protagonist of L.A. Picker season 2 Sally Sandburg played by Devin Sidell.  Shawn was brought up on a homestead close Alexandria, Minnesota. He fled provincial life at 18 to study theater and science at St. Olaf College, then utilized his training as a springboard into the Seattle theater scene where he helped to establish Theater Paradox. 


L.A. Picker season 2 is a web arrangement accessible here and on our YouTube channel, LA Picker takes after the narrative of Sally, a vintage nerd, as she endeavors to fabricate an online business notwithstanding being upset by her most outstanding enemy picker Jonathan. Her difficulties in affection and work are to her very own great extent making. Fortunately, she has the passionate backing of her puppy Noodle.

Interesting Facts

Season 1of L.A. Picker incorporates 10 scenes all accessible on this site and on YouTube channel. This venture around a solid female character is created, coordinated, shot, blended, and made by a group out of ladies focused on kicking butt and adoring charming stuff.

Elizabeth Yarwood (the major writer/creator) is a producer and cinematographer. Notwithstanding keeping in touch with, she fills in as a Director of Photography in both the Story and narrative universes. Her work has been seen on the extra large screen at various celebrations, for example, South by Southwest, and on the little screen, for example, PBS.

Rebecca Louisell is an essayist/executive and maker of L.A. Picker season 2 premiere. With an undergrad foundation in artistic work photography and blended media, she later worked with youth before coming back to doctoral level college for film and TV generation in true to life expressions at the University of Southern California (USC). While at USC, Rebecca got a few grants and a College Television Award.

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L.A. Picker Season 2 Promo 2

LA Picker – Season 1, Episode 5: "The First Date"

LA Picker’s Pick of the Week #2

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