Kosher Soul Season 2

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Making a Quick sketch

Kosher Life is a new documentary sitcom. The plot focuses on a stylist from Los Angeles named Miriam Sternoff. He’s Jewish. Another character in this story is her fianc?e named O’Neal McKnight. He’s African-American and works as a comedian. Kosher life persuades us that opposites truly attract.
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The premiere of the series was on the 25th of February 2015. It’s produced by Michael Hirschorn, Melissa Cooper, Wendy Roth and Rasheed J. Daniel. The first season consists of 12 half-hour episodes.

The Plot and the Cast

Two different worlds are colliding when Miriam, O’Neal’s with their family and friends get ready for the wedding. O’Neal’s going to be converted to Judaism. These contrasting personalities will now have to live as husband and wife.
Paying no attention to everyone’s doubts and from their nearest and dearest, the engaged couple is getting ready for the marriage. Miriam and O’Neal start their family life in a Jewish home. O’Neal is crazy about his wife and he’s ready for everything in order to prove his love for her. That’s why he decides to convert to Judaism. Only this way he will get accepted by her wife’s family, cause Nancy (Miriam’s mother) wants her grandchildren to be Jewish.
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Miriam is also striving to deal with O’Neal’s upbringing and ethnic traditions. Blending them with her life produces a hilarious and touching impression at the same time. These two people manage to share love and understanding trying not to pay attention to their cultural differences and other barriers
The characters of O’Neal McNight and Miriam Sternoff play themselves in real life.

Wanna Know More?

Kosher Soul Season 2 Cast
The show was criticized for the great amount of stereotypes in interracial relationships.

What about the Second Season?

Due to the mixed reviews there’s no official confirmation about the beginning of the second season and the release date is not available. If you know anything about this series, please, share in the comments below.


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