Kingdom Season 3 Release Date

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date


The American drama series Kingdom tells the Story of the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts – Mixed Martial Arts). The pilot came on the channel Audience Network on October 8, 2014. The series received good ratings and renewed for the second and then for the third season.

Kingdom season 3 release date was scheduled by DirecTV’s Audience Network for October, 2016. Read the news about the upcoming release date of Kingdom season 3 on Bluray and DVD.


In Kingdom season 3 premiere will feature the same Actors as in previous two seasons – Frank Grillo, Matt Lauria, Jonathan Tucker, Kiele Sanchez and Nick Jonas.


The action in Kingdom season 3 episode 1 takes place around the people who are engaged in a variety of martial arts styles, all trainings are held in the sports hall named after the famous champion of MMA Kalina Alvin.

In his past Alvin was poor, before he led a very dissolute life – the constant parties, alcohol and women of easy virtue, soon I began to try drugs, and most importantly for all that he was married and he grows two boys soon wife left him The court left the children with her.

It could not last long, in one of the days he found inspiration and he rented a small room for training, participate in fights Alvin dreamed since childhood and finally his mind cleared and the miracle began to occur. A new and only love – sweet girl Lisa Price.

After the changes in the life of the protagonist of his worry became only the relationship with the children and financial problems with the development of his favorite things. The younger son Nate went to his father’s footsteps and playing sports, senior Jay picked up the dark side of his father, and finally spoiled.

One day out of prison at will out ex Ryan – a former friend of Alvin, they were friends at school, despite the fact that soon fell in love with the exact same girl, they are now fighting together begin to develop the business. Good luck to them smiling youngest son wins a resounding victory, the club is becoming popular.

Alvi Kalina (Frank Grillo) – in the past a first-class fighter opened his own gym Navy ST in Venice, California. Hard and professional coach, he knows how to make men champions. And of their sons he raised, first of all athletes. True, I lost emotional contact with them.

Jay Kalina (Jonathan Tucker) – eldest son, Alvi. He is showing promise in the battle, but the constant antics outside the area led to the fact that his father would not let him in the room, and no fights organizer does not want to participate in the matches.

Nate Kalina (Nick Jonas) – the youngest son of Alvi. Nate in great shape, disciplined and trained, but emotionally absolutely closed. His father does not understand him, and the elder brother cannot always reach …

Ryan Wheeler (Matt Lauria) – a former fighter who never lost a fight. Ryan spent five children behind bars – he injured his father came on parole and supervision officer sent him to work – to exterminate the rats. Ryan and he does not believe that he is still able to enter the fight. He believes in it only Alvi.

Lisa (Kiele Sanchez) – Ryan’s last girl, now lives with Alvi. Lisa from a wealthy family and Navy St equipment room has invested a lot of equity. However, officially the owner of the hall only listed Alvi …

Interesting Facts

  • Kingdom was previously titled as Navy St. on the stage of the pilot production;
  • The first season consisted of 10 episodes;
  • Studio Endemol USA and the director Michael Morris and Gary Fled officially announced the extension of the third season.

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