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The second season of the Kingdom series came to be highly appraised by the viewers. At least, ratings are showing this. However, the second chapter was released not in its full volume. Thus, after the first half of the second season was wrapped up, we began to wait until the launch of the continuation of the story. Due to the luck of the viewers, now we have information about the exact release date of the upcoming renewal.

Quick outline

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Kingdom is a drama TVseries devoted to such topic as sports. The production country is surely America. The series tells about the world of MMA. The home channel is considered to be DirecTV’s Audience Network in the United States.
The head of the creating team is Byron Balasco. He also reckoned to be a part of a team of executive show producers working hand in hand with Bart Peters, Tim Iacofano, Philippe Maigret, Chris Long, and Tom Garrigus.
Season 1 of the series premiered on the above-mentioned channel on October 8, 2014.  Kingdom was set to be continued in the form of the second season on the same network   in autumn 2015. It involved 10 one-hour parts.
The show has been widely acclaimed by the audience that is now so pampered by the abundance of various shows and series.
The series is also in broadcast in such countries as Canada, Australia, and in New Zealand.
Much to the luck of the series fans, some time before the release of the second season, DirecTV made an announcement that the MMA drama series is going to obtain the continuation of the story. The number of episodes will remain unchangeable if to believe the announcements of the developers. The exact date of the premiere is also known.
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What is about the plotline?

The plot of the series unfolds within the so-called world “Mixed Martial Arts” (MMA). The action is set particularly in Venice, California.
The story is about Alvey Kulina (performed by Frank Grillo) and his beautiful girlfriend Lisa (depicted by Kiele Sanchez). They go to an MMA gym together. Moreover, Alvey Kulina is considered to be the owner of Navy St. MMA. The main character is anxious about making his fighters, his team, think the he takes care of them. However, all his efforts are going to go down the drain. His duties and responsibilities have a great price.
Alvey also has two children, two sons named Nate and Jay with whom he has very strained relationships. The story is also dedicated to their life events.
The series also stars such famous actors and actresses as Matt Lauria, Nick Jonas Jonathan Tucker, and Joanna Going.
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When can we hope for the new season to come?

The first chapter of the sports drama serial titled “Kingdom” came to an end on December 16th in the previous year. Each episode lasted for 60 minutes.
The rating numbers came to be enough to renew the series. According to the official sources, Kingdom season 2 part 2 release date is to be June 1, 2016.
When the series returns to the small screen, the story will tell about the events a few months after the action of the first half of the second season.


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