King of the Golden Sun. Joshua Jones: Origins Release Date

King of the Golden Sun. Joshua Jones: Origins Release Date


That story “King of the Golden Sun”, especially the episode “Joshua Jones: Origins” shows us the boy, who wanted to change his holidays, because he thought, that they are rather boring. Now we are talking about the second season, which will be available in future. But the first is also a good one, so to understand the main idea, find free time and watch it.


The film was directed by Cody Burns and Shane Fox. It is based on the original story of Cody Burns.

Among the actors we can name those:

  • Chris Rex as Joshua Jones.
  • Dominique Valdovinos as Grace Potter.
  • Katie Rex as Jennifer Jones.

It was produced by associate producer Shane Fox and executive producer Cody Burns. Camera operator is Tyler Seymour.


Joshua Jones is the main hero of the story. He wanted to change the situation about his summer, because his parents gave him to grandparent`s home. And It was a real problem. He come to an airport in Seattle, where he met arts trainer. After a big conversation he understand, that boy has a great talent and he wanted to develop his potential.

Joshua was very exciting of such meeting, so he wanted to start working as soon as possible. The main idea was to retrieve ancient articles. And if he did it at the highest level, he will begin to be a student. On his way to success there were a lot of complications. He found lovely girlfriend and there was also a big amount of boys, who have the same aim. But with help of her he reached first results and he was really happy.


This story will be useful for children of all ages and also for adults. It teaches us how to behave correctly to make the dreams come true. The events of the story took place in the USA. And the release data will be the 3rd of November in 2018. That will be really good serial for family watch, so you must have time to enjoy it at all.

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