Kindred Spirits Season 2

Kindred Spirits Season 2 Release Date


Kindred Spirits is a paranormal TV serial, which premiered on October in the year of 2016. The season premiere amazed a lot of people, so now the fans can enjoy this Story by watching the second season. The Kindred Spirits 2 Season release date is the 15th of November in the year of 2016.


That serial will amaze you by a beautiful cast. Here among the Actors you will see the following people:

  • Amy Bruni.
  • Adam Berry.
  • Chip Coffey.
  • Dana Matthews.
  • Greg Newkirk.

Among the producers, we must mention the next people – Fay Yu, Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, Sumithrin David, Alan LaGarde.


The Main idea of this serial is to show paranormal experts and their approaches to investigating contacts with tortured families. They were attacked by the spirits of deceased relatives and now they have no idea, what to do. Very often paranormal activity scares people at home, but now they know, that a group of people will help them to reach their aims. They are the real professionals of such deal and they are sure, that every deal can be solved very easily. Berry and Bruni try to explore each case in details in order to get the several decisions of how to solve the problems.

Each new episode they will deal with the new challenge and all the time people are really surprised because they didn’t realize, how hard it is to deal with such a spirits. Every day they risk their lives in order to help people, but they are really proud of their work and that is really cool.


Pay attention, that such serial was created only for adults, so children aren’t allowed to watch it. Here you will be charmed by the beautiful play of Actors and each of them will amaze you. They have a lot of difficulties in their work, but it is not a reason for them to give up. If you are also afraid of paranormal activities, this serial will help you to understand, that each situation can be solved in such an Interesting manner.

The duration of one episode is not so big, so you wouldn’t have any problems while watching it. And you will also have enough free time to do it.

This information will be really important when you will need to name the season air date. 

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Kindred Spirits Season 2 1
Kindred Spirits Season 2 2
Kindred Spirits Season 2 3

Kindred Spirits premiering October 21st at 10pm on TLC

Kindred Spirits S01 E01 Terror in the Forest

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