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“Killjoys” (Season 2, release date – July 1, 2016) is an Interesting series of Canadian production. The plot revolves around an exciting sci-fi series "Killjoys" team of the three bounty hunters, living on the planet Crash. Its inhabitants have long mastered all adjacent satellites, interplanetary and organized community. Our heroes are true professionals, and ready to take even the most dangerous thing for a good reward. Despite the fact that there are only three, they possess a number of qualities and skills that will not only help them to complement each but also make it practically invulnerable.


  • Hannah John-Kamen,
  • Aaron Ashmore,
  • Luke MacFarlane,
  • Rob Stewart,
  • Tamsen McDonough,
  • Tom Ellison,
  • Sarah Power,
  • Nora McLellan,
  • Morgan Kelly,
  • Frank Moore


Charming and daring hunters criminals back out on the warpath, and again make a galactic mafia not to sleep. For nimble and unpredictable actions elusive trio turn them into outer ridicule. The power in the galaxy belongs to the Council of Nine, who runs the search for dangerous criminals and lead the economic affairs of the galaxy.

However, not all agree with his actions, which is why now and then flashed the conflicts, and council has not had time to monitor crime. This situation prompted the three desperate daredevils, souls fighting for justice, to unite into a single super-team, independent of the grand council, and to open up their operations against uncontrolable galactic underworld. Davin, John and charming Dutch turned into a close-knit team. They poke their nose into the most nimble business mafias.

Many times friends fell into a seemingly hopeless situation. But, great physical training, the latest technological tools and a good sense of humor allowed them to get out of any trap with rich booty. Killjoys act smartly and very thoughtful. Their anti-criminal operation forced to take up arms to them, many criminal clans, whose representatives are associated with the council of nine.

Despite all attempts to reMain neutral, desperate trio still finds herself embroiled in a galactic strife. But, at the brink of conflict with all the brave daredevils continue painful sting criminals in the most unexpected places. In that team members see their duty and vocation. Despite the danger, they rush headlong into space, teeming with criminals and human humanoid races.


If the TV show will be extended to the third season, something to see new episodes can be no earlier than July 2017.

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