Killjoys 2 Season Release Date

Killjoys 2 season release date

Killjoys 2 season release date has been confirmed by SyFy. The new sci-fi show appeared to be quite successful.

The Plot:

The plot occurs in the distance future on the planet titled Crash. Its inhabitants made satellites are real colonies. Thus was formed the interplanetary community.
Killjoys are the special unit of private investigators and mercenaries followed by John and Dutch. Any violation of the law shall be punished strictly. However, one of the colleagues of Dutch is not afraid of the punishment.
To achieve his goal, he is ready to easily step over the law and do everything possible to get what he needs. His team-mate John is his complete opposite. John believes that the violence – it is a real evil. Any situation can be settled in a peaceful and lawful manner, and without the use of physical force.
And so it is not an ideal relationship between the partners even more complicated once they are joined by John’s brother named Da’vin.

The news about the second season:

All fans of the new sci-fi series should definitely wait for Killjoys season 2 episode 1 next year. The TV show makers have officially declared  that we should wait for Killjoys 2 season premiere.
Creator and screenwriter Michelle Loretta hopes to be able to fully tell the story of Killjoys during 5 seasons. The second season of the show is not far off.
Killjoys 2 season release date is expected in summer of 2016.
Killjoys 2 season release date on DVD and Bluray has been rumored for the end of 2016.
For now watch Killjoys 1 season release date:

Will you wait for the second season?

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