Killision Course Season 2

Killision Course Season 2 Release Date


Killision Course is a TV drama serial, which was created in America. The season premiere was on November this year. But, as for the second season, that will be available for you. The Killision Course 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


In the cast of Actors, only talented people will occur. They make this serial really Interesting and unforgettable and you will see it from the beginning until the end. Here you will see:

  • Liam Murphy.
  • Edson Jackson.
  • Britt MacLennan.
  • Alyssa DiMarco.
  • Bradley Gordon.

The director of the serial is Gary Lang. The producers are Matt Mitchell, Betty Palik, Jonas Prupas, Michael Prupas, Rob Swartz.


That serial is full of crime episodes, which are combined with each other. We can say, that it consists of some kind of murder tales and here you will see the connections between perpetrators, accomplices, and victims.

All the crimes, which are presented here, are committed by different people, so you will see not only the victims but also the guilty people. The crimes are also made by ex-lovers and former kids – it doesn’t matter because you will be surprised by the scenes, which are shown here.

Killision Course will explore the chain of events and they are always lead to the fateful incidents. It will amaze you at all. The smallest details play here the most important roles and you will understand it while watching this unbelievable serial. The scale of murders come to the biggest level and you will be very surprised, when you see, how different people from different countries and cities can be combined with each other.


If your favorite genre is a criminal drama, this serial will amaze you by all the episodes and events. We recommend you to watch it in the morning or in the other suitable time, but not at night. While watching it you will understand, why it is so important to be very careful in different things and actions. You will never know, what will happen in your life and who will be guilty of it.

The new episode of the serial lasts for 46 minutes.

When the person didn’t know the season air date, he or she can use this Story in order to get the necessary data. 

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