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The Killing Season 2 Release Date


The Killing is a crime drama TV serial, which was created in America. The season premiere of it was on April in the year of 2011, but not the continuation of the Story is already available for everyone. The Killing 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


It is important to underline the Main people in the cast. So, here you will see the following Actors:

  • Rachel Mills.
  • Joshua Zeman.
  • Peter Brandt.
  • Mari Gilbert.
  • J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner.

The director of the serial is Joshua Zeman. Among the producers, we must mention Jeremy Batchelor, Caitlin Colford, Richard Perello, Isaac Bolden, Kim White, Rachel Mills, Joshua Zeman. The editors are Aaron Crozier, Kelly Kendrick, Seth Skundrick, Becky Goldberg, Jeremy Zerechak.


The Killing is serial, which will present the investigation of mysterious and unsolved contemporary serial killer cases. All of them are made in Long Island, so the events and the investigations took place here. In the Main roles, you will see the two detectives and investigators by the names Mills and Zeman. They try to discover the new bodies and the new clues. In order to get more information about the killer, they travel to different places.

In the first episodes, you will see, how they discover several bodies of sex workers. They were discovered in Long Island on Giglo Beach. So, the Story started from the very beginning and you will be satisfied by it. The murderer of this 10 sex workers was killed in the same manner, but, despite it, you will also see a lot of unresolved cases in Daytona Beach and Atlantic City.


This amazing serial consist of several genres. Among the Main of them, you will see serial drama, crime drama, and mystery. So, people with different tastes will be satisfied with this and that’s great. That serial will present all the possible murders, so people with the weak nervous system aren’t allowed to watch it. The new episode lasts for 45 minutes, but some of them can last for the 60 minutes. Each of them will be adorable.

The season air date is an important data when we talk about this serial and its peculiarities.

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