Killing Bigfoot Season 1

Killing Bigfoot Season 1 Release Date


Killing Bigfoot is a very Interesting documental TV series, which was created in Canada. The season premiere was on October in the year of 2014, but as for the continuation, you will see it in any suitable moment. The Killing Bigfoot 1 Season release date is the December in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast to that serial, we must say, that it is not so big, as you can imagine. But you will appreciate it at all because here a lot of talented people are presented:

  • Jim Byrnes.
  • Bobby Hamilton.
  • John Kirk.
  • Jim Lansdale.

The writer of the serial is Peter von Puttkamer and he is also the director of it. The serial is produced by Peter von Puttkamer and Sheera Von Puttkamer. The music is made by Michael Richard Plowman. The cinematographers are Tim Small and Todd Southgate. The editor is Peter von Puttkamer.


In the center of attention, you will see the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, which was created in order to hunt and kill a Bigfoot and to prove, that the world`s creatures exist. Here you will see the aggressive nature of the Bigfoot in the Gulf coast and the corporation under the title of GCBRO is trying to protect people, animals, and nature from all the harmful substances and events.

Looking for the deals, which are solved by this organization, you will be able to understand, that here only the best people and the professionals work. Each day they do a lot of good deals and that help us to live in the pure world without any problem.


You must know, that the production company of this serial is Gryphon Productions. So, in any suitable and free moment, you can watch this serial and it will amaze you by the biggest amount of unforgettable actions and events.

Each new episode is the new Story with the beginning, Main part, and the conclusion. So now you will have an opportunity to know a lot of Interesting and useful information while watching this unforgettable serial from the beginning till the end. Each person will be charged by it.

This information will be really important when you need to name the season air date. 

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