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Just Jillian Season 2 Release Date


Just Jillian is a reality TV serial, in which Jillian Michaels plays the Main role. It was created in America, so you will estimate it and enjoy at all. The season premiere was on January in the year of 2016, but now we want to present the second season, which is full of unforgettable events. The Just Jillian 2 Season release date is the 11th of February this year.


Here in the cast, you wouldn’t see so many people, but you will be shocked in a god manner when you will see the beautiful play by each character. So, here you will see the next talented people:

  • Jillian Michaels.
  • Elle Young.
  • Gregory McKarus.
  • Giancarlo Chersich.
  • Chloe Francke.
  • Kenta Seki.

The producers of that season of the serial are Tori Burnett, Karl Kimbrough, Greg Lipstone, Greg Goldman, Allan Patterson, Ariel Algus, Thea Berns, Joanna Whitley, Steve Youel. Among the editors, it is important to name Chris Peacock, William Morris, Mike Gonzales, David Doo Hyun Kim, Charles Randazzo, Jared Lark, Patrick Post.


Jillian is the Main character and in this season you will see her life and the most exciting moments of it. She tries to live the life fully, so one day she opens her own business. Here you will see all the difficulties, which she struggles to reach her aims.

Also in the Main roles, you will see her life partner by the name Heidi, her son Phoenix and daughter Lukensia. A lot of friends are around them and they try to make the life of people more comfortable. Also here you will see an outspoken sensitive television star and her life situations, which are connected with different feelings.


If you don’t know, what to see, that serial will be one of the best for you. Here you will see the life of people and the situations, which can be similar to yours. So, as you could understand, each difficulty in our lives has the quit and that’s great.

You can see each new episode without any problem, because the duration of one is about 22 minutes, so you can enjoy it every day.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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Just Jillian Season 2 1

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