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The creators of “Just Add Magic”,  a good family series, are still to shape its future. The serial is a newcomer on American television. Thus, there are high chances that the series will not be canceled right after the release of only one season.

Brief review: premieres, behind-the-scene, and acting crews

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Just Add Magic is a new project accessible on Amazon from the middle of this January. Genre-wise, the serial is a family action multipart film with the focus on the life of children. But let’s turn to the plot itself a little bit later.
The series has a surprisingly firm foundation. It is an adaptation of a Cindy Callaghan book. It is a product by Amazon Studios and Pictures in a Row. The executive team is led by Andrew Orenstein and Joe Nussbaum.
The acting cast includes such actresses as Olivia Sanabia, Aubrey K. Miller, Abby Donnell, and others.

What is about the main characters of the family story?

The story revolves around three little ladies. They are fond of cooking. One day they come across a book packed new recipes. They have found this book in the attic of the house where Kelly’s family lives.
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The girls’ names are Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie. The recipes come to be very unusual, in fact, they are magical.
And so, the little ladies decide to use them to cope with their daily problems. The main issue they should solve is to find a cure that can help Kelly’s grandmother who suffers from an incurable disease.

What can we say about the ranking of the project?

As you have already guessed, people of practically any age can watch this serial. This quite cute and kind family story is highly praised by both casual viewers and critics. The modern television full of lewd and silly series has a need for such shows.
According to the official statistics, the serial rating is 8 points from 10 (cited from the IMDb website). On Rotten Tomatoes, the score is 80%.
The viewer reviews are very positive. They note excellent acting skills of the series’ young stars, the emphasis on active and friendly relationships, a suspenseful storyline and the absence of gory episodes or sexual overtones.
Just Add Magic Season 2 Cast

Can we expect for the resumption of the project?

Having received high praises, the serial has a great chance to stick around for a long time. In fact, the producers are to release a new episode on October 14.
Update. So far we have no data about the Just Add Magic season 2 fate as well as the possibility of its resumption. The one episode they aired was the only one. Let’s hope that it is just a matter of time and keep an eye on the current situation in order not to miss any information coming straight from the source.

Update: Just Add Magic Season 2 Status

And now, you have every right to rejoice. The rest of season 2 is coming back to us. On January 2, we will get to see the second episode of the second season. It’s been more than two months since the first episode was released. Hopefully, the broadcast will not be interrupted any further.
But if it will, make sure to subscribe to us. We will inform you when to expect it back.


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