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Joyride is a new special television serial with the automotive topic. The season premiere was on November this year. But here we are ready to represent the second season of it. The Joyride 2 Season release date is the 13th of December in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors here will be not so big, as in the other serials. But you must be ready, that each person here will amaze you and that is good. The Main characters are:

  • Cogie Domingo.
  • JC de Vera.
  • Julia Lee.
  • Isay Alvarez.
  • Warren Austria.
  • Rainier Castillo.
  • Katrina Halili.

The director of the serial is Mac Alejandre and the producer is Donald Red.


All the hosts of this show will have the one Main aim – they wanted to find the best automobiles of different ages and conditions. Very often people are ready to buy the cars of the following categories: Best Classic Truck, Best Muscle Car of the 1960s, Best 80s Car, Best Midlife Crisis Car, Best Car for a First Time Driver and Best British Car.

Each of the episodes will show you the new car and all its advantages and disadvantages. All of the cars are closely examined with help of the team of auto fans and they try to make different test drives to compare lots of details and to understand, what is right and what is wrong in one or another automobile.

The people, who appear here in the Main roles, buy old cars and turn them into the new. They do the restyling and also they pay attention to all the details of each vehicle. Some of the autos need a great amount of money, but the others look rather good. So, the Main idea of this people is to but with the small money and to sell with the big.


If you are a driver or you just plan to buy the car in future, this serial will be the best idea for you, because here a lot of amazing events will be presented. By the example of such people, you can also restyle your car and make it really unusual and look like new.

The new episode will present you the most Interesting transformations. So, while watching it, you will see a lot of useful and important details.

When the season air date is an important information, the data in this article will satisfy you. 

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